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The WA Government confirms the start date for the 2022 NCC. November 09, 2022
WA will adopt the new version on the 1st of May 2025, this means whole of home assessments & 7 star will come into force on this date. WA builders... [MORE]

Christmas break hours December 14, 2020
We would like to thank all our clients for their trust in us this year & we will be back up & running next year. Our office will be closed f... [MORE]

Energy Efficiency Blog July 16, 2020
We recently were recently invited onto the Ultimo building 'Lets talk building' podcast. Use the following link to access & hear Don discuss bui... [MORE]

Covid-19, self quarantining & Ecorate WA April 06, 2020
Like the rest of the country, we here at Ecorate WA are self isolating & taking all precautions as per the government rules. What we have notice... [MORE]

Bank Australia Clean Energy Home Loan January 24, 2020
If you are buying or building a NatHERS rated 7 Star or higher home, or planning sustainable upgrades, you could be eligible for a 0.40% p.a. discou... [MORE]

Christmas break hours December 20, 2019
Our hours over the festive season won't be reduced & we will be open for business. If you need a quote or assessment completed just contact us. ... [MORE]

1st of May energy efficiency assessment requirement changes April 01, 2019
The inclusion of separate heating and cooling loads will mean that buildings will need to meet the six-star standard (or equivalent) as well as the ... [MORE]

Discounts for current ADF members, Veterans, Emergency Services, Seniors & Health card holders March 22, 2019
As former ADF members ourselves we want to give back to the community, all current ADF members, Veterans, Emergency Services, Seniors & Hea... [MORE]

We're on Facebook August 17, 2018
Get online & give us a like! ... [MORE]

Cheapest & best energy efficiency assessments in WA August 16, 2018
Just because we're the cheapest & lowest cost energy efficiency assessors in WA doesn't mean we cut corners, it means we have the lowest overhea... [MORE]

What does the council want? August 16, 2018
Energy Efficiency report for the dwelling addition to be completed by a suitably qualified assessor and comply with BCA Part 3.12. This means they n... [MORE]

Energy Rating Perth March 20, 2017
Energy Rating Perth is what we do here at Ecorate WA & not only Perth but all of WA plus we've been doing it for over 10 years so we know the lo... [MORE]

Alterations & Additions March 01, 2017
"I've been told I need to get a 6 star assessment for my addition"...No you don't! In WA we can use the WA additions protocol to assess your plans. ... [MORE]

6 Star assessment February 05, 2017
There are quite a few methods to gain energy efficiency compliance with residential building, 6 star assessmenst are only one of them. Here at Ecora... [MORE]

Happy New Year January 11, 2017
Happy New Year to all our existing clients we hope you have a very prosperous year ahead. We've kept our pricing at the same level as last year whic... [MORE]

Verification Using a Reference Building assessmentsfor September 03, 2016
We now provide another pathway for residential building energy efficiency compliance on top of the 'Elemental provisions', 'Star Rating' & 'Deem... [MORE]

EOFY savings May 30, 2016
End of financial year savings can be made if you are owner building, when buying products ask for the lowest price & play suppliers off against ... [MORE]

Happy new Year January 01, 2016
Happy New Year to all our past & future clients, our fee structure has remained the same as last year which means we are still the lowest cost a... [MORE]

Low cost, cheap & even free ways to achieve compliance November 23, 2015
Whether your building from new or adding to your house you want to spend less money getting energy efficiency compliance, not just with the quote bu... [MORE]

Elemental provisions assessments compared to star ratings August 12, 2015
All councils in WA accept either EP (elemental provisions) or star rating assessments that show compliance to the provisions of the 2015 BCA  2... [MORE]

BCA & additions May 22, 2015
The new energy efficiency requirements for additions & alterations means more info is needed on the architectural plans, the extra info required... [MORE]

Ancillary accomodation & Granny flats March 01, 2015
Our rates for these types of dwellings are very low & we can get them back to you by the next day (if not sooner!) Give us a call & see how ... [MORE]

AIA architectural awards 2015P February 23, 2015
We recently completed an unusual energy efficiency assessment for Luiz Aguiar an architect in Perth. This design made the most of the small block si... [MORE]

EPS Panels February 04, 2015
EPS panels (Extruded Polystyrene) are becoming more & more common as a construction method in WA. A standard thickness double brick wall has an ... [MORE]

Happy Australia day January 26, 2015
To all our customers & suppliers we wish a happy Australia day to all. ... [MORE]

2009 BCA DTS has 5 Months to go January 07, 2015
If your looking at renovating, adding, altering or extending your existing home, then you've got 5 months left until the regulations change! As of M... [MORE]

Seasons greetings December 31, 2014
All of the team at Ecorate WA would like to wish all our customers a very happy festive season & the best of good luck fot the new year. ... [MORE]

Renovating, addition, alteration November 16, 2014
May 2015! That's the cut off date for additions & alterations being allowed to use the 2009 BCA for energy efficiency compliance. If you're thin... [MORE]

Ancillary accomodation October 19, 2014
The new rules concerning building an ancillary accomodation (granny flat) on your block means that the new building, if it has a kitchen needs to be... [MORE]

How do we know our new home really 6 star? September 28, 2014
This is a question that we're sometimes asked. Depending on your climate zone (there are heaps in WA), your homes orientation, what you've... [MORE]

Multi unit construction May 19, 2014
Multi units can be classed as either building types 1 or 2. If your project has units on top of other units then it's quite safe to say it's a class... [MORE]

Low E glass what is it? September 20, 2013
You've been told that you need low E glass to certain windows, why? Low E glass (stands for Low Emissivity) is different to normal clear glass ... [MORE]

Insulation is the key September 01, 2013
So, you're building a new home & you want to ensure you're ongoing electricity bills are low? Make sure you insulate to the correct level! ... [MORE]

unaccredited assessors May 13, 2013
"There are people out there who are claiming to provide nathers energy efficiency assessments that are not accredited", they are even using software... [MORE]

Don't pay extra for a quality assessment April 08, 2013
At Ecorate WA we believe that you should have a house that cost less to run by making it energy efficient during building, it can cost next to ... [MORE]

what does 6 star mean March 07, 2013
The design of a residential building is assessed using Firstrate 5 second generation computer modelling. The thermal comfort of a design is rat... [MORE]

Checksheets included in price February 18, 2013
All assessments come with the artificial lighting calculation, ceiling penetration calculation & the BCA (NCC) energy efficiency checksheet, eit... [MORE]

Another happy Ecorate WA Accredited Energy efficiency assessment customer. January 04, 2013
When you use an accredited energy efficiency assessor you're getting the best, I have been very impressed with Ecorate WA's  work, and wil... [MORE]

Spec home builders get lowers fees due to ongoing work with Ecorate WA July 18, 2012
If you're a spec home builder and want low fuss energy efficiency assessments for your homes, we offer a discounted rate for ongoing work becau... [MORE]

We service all of WA including the North/West May 21, 2012
We have had alot of interest from North/West WA of late, as with the South & East of the state, we service all areas. ... [MORE]

Mandurah mail paper ad May 03, 2012
"The new six star law means that more people will be building smarter, therefore, we've decided to try a new medium to get our brand out there, news... [MORE]

33 days to go till 6 star March 28, 2012
That's right, 33 days!  At Ecorate WA, we've supplied ratings for all sorts of building types for architects, commercial builders, owner b... [MORE]

News from WA's Office of Energy October 03, 2011
House Design Building a new home or renovating your existing home is always an exciting venture and the satisfaction even greater when ... [MORE]

RBMD meeting Bunbury WA August 12, 2011
Ecorate WA attended the Residential Building Mandatory Disclosure session held in Bunbury on the 8th of August 2011. As there was a small attendance... [MORE]

Mandatory disclosure sessions being held in August July 27, 2011
Mandatory Disclosure of Residential Building Performance Public consultations will be held in WA on the next stage of plans for the mandatory disclo... [MORE]

Ecorate WA attend office of energy seminar July 15, 2011
What i thought of the OOE meeting, What a great information session it was, quick & informative throughout, I really enjoyed this seminar! Ken ... [MORE]

Spec home builders seeing the cheaper way to energy assess buildings using Ecorate WA. June 23, 2011
"Over the past month, we have seen an increase in construction and the amount of interest shown from owners to mass home builders, this is a good si... [MORE]

Low Cost, Low fuss & very fast! June 15, 2011
Audit performed at Ecoratewa (energy efficiency certifying assessors) today. "As Ecorate WA are an accredited company we are required to u... [MORE]

Ecorate WA are ready for six star! May 20, 2011
Retirement villages, senior citizens homes, multi unit, granny flats, single or double storey houses, any type of residential building, we can ... [MORE]

Ecorate WA ready for 6 star April 14, 2011
Ecorate WA have been building towards the 6 star provisions for Western Australia, builders, renovators, architects, home buyers and designers ... [MORE]

WA moves to 6 star April 05, 2011
On Friday afetrnoon WA commerce minster Stephen O'Brien announced that 6 star energy efficiency requirements would be introduced as of 1st May 2011.... [MORE]

Ecorate WA - Western Australia's Most Reliable Energy Rating and Assessment Business Launch Official Website March 09, 2011
Ecorate WA - Western Australia's Most Reliable Energy Rating and Assessment  Business Launch Official Website   Ecorate WA launch offi... [MORE]