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Covid-19, self quarantining & Ecorate WA

(April 06, 2020)

Like the rest of the country, we here at Ecorate WA are self isolating & taking all precautions as per the government rules. What we have noticed with regard to energy efficiency of buildings is that as more people are spending time at home, we are fielding more and more calls & emails requesting advice on energy efficiency assessments for alterations & additions. As more people have time on their hands, they seem to be bring out their ideas for the home they live in & in turn want a new area that not only is functional, but make the most of the environment while reducing their utility bills! Now is the perfect time to get your ideas down & give us a call, we can show you simple ways to save money, some don't cost anything to implement! Like we say here at Ecorate WA, we're not only good for your home, but we're good for your pocket as well. Stay safe!

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