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Bank Australia Clean Energy Home Loan

(January 24, 2020)

If you are buying or building a NatHERS rated 7 Star or higher home, or planning sustainable upgrades, you could be eligible for a 0.40% p.a. discount off your interest rate for up to five years. Not only that, but the interest you pay on any Bank Australia home loan does not fund any industries that cause harm like fossil fuels, live animal exports, or nuclear weapons.

The property must meet at least one of the below criteria:

NatHERS rating of 7 stars or higher

A national performance based rating system administered by the Department of the Environment and Energy.

Other ways to qualify:

  • Residential Efficiency Scorecard rating of 7 stars or higher (excluding the impact of installed/installing rooftop solar)
  • Passive House Certification
  • Green Star - Design & As Built v1.2 score of 8 points or higher on the credit ‘15 Greenhouse Gas Emissions’.

Property Upgrade

Coming soon

For existing homeowners that implement three or more eligible sustainable upgrades, or achieve a minimum 1 star improvement to the energy efficiency assessment as assessed by the Residential Efficiency Scorecard.

High Energy Efficiency

Coming soon

A higher discount will be applied to loans for new builds or existing homes that have three eligible sustainability features, like a minimum NatHERS rating of 8 stars, a solar system, a battery or a real-time in-home energy monitoring system.

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