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Ancillary accomodation

(October 19, 2014)

The new rules concerning building an ancillary accomodation (granny flat) on your block means that the new building, if it has a kitchen needs to be at 6 star or above, if your new building is a habitable dwelling without a kitchen then it still needs to conform to the BCA (Building Code of Australia, which is now known as the NCC, National Construction Code). Both avenues are compliant & are accepted bt councils, the only difference is that you get a star rating with the simulation method. There are pros & cons with either way, however, you can rely on us to provide the cheapest & quickest assessment whichever way you choose to go, if we can't get compliance with one, we'll use the other & the price will remain as quoted for the initial assessment. Our price will always beat any genuine quote from our competitors, like our moto says..."We're good for your home & your pocket".

The Ecorate WA team.

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